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Внетелесные путешествия в Алматы

The purposes of our school

Distribution to weights of real practice, instead of theories and deceit about extracorporal (astral) travel.

Association of all interested and practising people from every corner of the globe.

Mutually advantageous association of efforts for advancement of practice of phase conditions.

Control over distribution of qualitative practical knowledge.

Gathering of extensive statistical data for pragmatical research of a phenomenon of a phase.

All pluses of extracorporal travel

Once having trained in astral travel and putting into practice the received knowledge, you can receive any information interesting you, positively to influence own organism, and as:

Phase and its signs

The phase is the term which has united in itself all terms which named the given condition in the past (an exit in an astral, astral travel, travel in the sleep, the extracorporal travel, the realized dream), etc.

Dream — natural physiological process of stay in a condition of a dream with a minimum level of brain activity and